All-Russian Union of Small-and Medium-Scale Business was formed at the Constituent Conference, held on May 28, 1996, in Moscow, and registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on August 9, 1996 (Registration Certificate No 3278 of August 9, 1996).

Principal aims and tasks of the Union:

  • Formation of favorable business conditions
    Protection of businessmen interests in the institutions of legislative and executive power
    Participation in the Russian trilateral commission for the settlement of social and labor relations, including the representation in the managerial bodies of social foundations (of employment, retirement, social insurance etc.)
    Distribution of objective information on the state of Russian small-and medium-scale business
    Assistance in getting preferential state credits for small-and medium-scale business enterprises
    Organization and holding congresses, conferences, festivals, distribution of experience in the business sphere, organization of exhibitions of products and services
    Formation of a united data base to help searching for new partners
    The representation of small-and medium-scale business interests in international organizations, projects, events

North-West Branch was registered in August 1996.

Our Board

Our Board.

The Branch Supervisory Board was formed in 1997.

Our services include:

  • Providing information on the problems of interest
    Market exploration aimed at revealing potential customers of the Participants' products or services
    Distribution of information and presentation materials related to the Participants' products or services, representation at specialized exhibitions, symposia, seminars, conferences
    The Organization and holding exhibitions and conferences
    Search for business partners
    Working-out recommendations concerning foreign-trade operations
    Protection of economical interests of businesspersons on the territories of participating countries
    Creation of joint commercial projects, their assessment and search for investments to fulfill them
    Assistance in mutual settlements
    Assistance in solving problems, arising within the process of financial activity, including representation in the bodies of arbitration
    Discounts for commercial transactions insurance
    Assistance in transporting freight and cargo
    The placement of information on the All-Russian Union of SME web-site
    Assistance in organizing business meetings and negotiations
    Visa support.
    Assistance in the accommodation of the Participants and their partners, arriving to take part in the business meetings held in the cities of Russia, Byelorussia and the Ukraine.
    Translation and interpretation services.

Available for our clients are reference materials, methodical literature, computer data bases, optic CDs on:

  • Customs statistics of the RF
    Off-board market of RB and RF
    Legislation of the RB and RF
    Foreign-economic activity dataware
    Review and general economical information both on Byelorussia and a series of foreign countries (regions), including CIS countries
    Current information on foreign-economical situation, statistical data on foreign trade of Byelorussia and CIS countries
    Major exporters/importers, significant trade deliveries, including from/to Byelorussia
    Existing investment projects, trade offers etc.
    Information on reliability of companies located on the territory of Belorus and CIS countries
    Submission of other information is possible on the clients' request
    Complex support of foreign enterprises at all stages of their activity in the Byelorussian market (organization of business meetings, registration of representations or enterprises, informational services etc.)

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