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The Auditing Company "CONSULT" was established in 1991. The company was the first to get the license for general audit in St. Petersburg. The company involves highly qualified and experienced specialists in accounting, economic, financial and law services. Among our clients there are many well-known Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian companies that are engaged in such businesses as manufacturing, building, trading, nourishment, transport and others.

According to the Rating Agency "Expert", during first six months of the year 2000, the Auditing Company "CONSULT", who ranked in top 6 auditing and consulting groups in St. Petersburg and was the 55th among 100 major auditing and consulting groups in Russia ("Expert" magazine ? 31, August 28, 2000).

As a result of competitive bids held by the Ministry of State Property and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Company "CONSULT" was included in the list of the authorized auditing companies for the general audit of federal state unitary enterprises ("Rossiiskaya Gazeta" newspaper ? 207, October 26, 2000).

The Company "CONSULT", in cooperation with the Harvard University International Working Group, is engaged in the creation of the concept of the Building Saving Bank mortgage lending development for the Moscow Government.

The Company "CONSULT" is a member of the Audit Chambers of Russia and St. Petersburg as well as a member of the St. Petersburg Joint Ventures Association.

The company has a juridical subsidiary - Closed Joint Stock Company "Consult-Advice".

The information about our company is presented in "St. Petersburg Yellow Pages", "Abonent", "Contact", Hanza Business Guide", "Euro Pages" and other public directories.

Our specialists' articles regularly appear in "Delovoi Peterburg" ("Business Petersburg") newspaper, "Predprinimatel Peterburga" ("Petersburg businessman") (a supplement to "Konsultant Predprinimatelya" ("Businessman's Adviser") newspaper), in the regional issue of the newspaper "Economy and Life" and in other editions illuminating the economic and tax law matters.

The Auditing Company "CONSULT" supplies the complex audit and legal service including:
    Audit conductions
    Accounting set-up and recover, making an accounting report
    Consulting in accounting, reporting and taxation
    Tax optimizing
    Audit discordance arrangement
    Acting for a client in court
The company's specialists are experienced in preparing accounting reports in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS, GAAP), introduction of and conducting the accounting program "Sun Systems".

The company's legal department provides advocacy service for our clients in arbitration in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad area, and also provides support in legal entities taxation and commercial law matters in the Federal Circuit Court of the North-West District. Organizational and procedural abilities of the company permit it to institute legal proceeding in the Moscow Arbitration Court and in the Superior Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

Our specialists regularly take part in seminars on tax and currency law as well as accounting and arbitration practice applying.

During the company's activity, more than 200 auditing procedures are carried out annually. The company's specialists provide complex auditing with both oral and written consultations in accounting, taxation, commercial law and auditing matters.

In the year 2000 there were 38 judgments for our clients among 42 arbitrated cases.

Our clients:
    Eurosib SPb
    Gosstroi RF (Moscow)
    NIC Stroitelstvo (Moscow)
    Associated Management of Federal Investment Program Realization (Gosstroi of Russia, Moscow)
    Baltic Bunkering Company
    The Baltic Transport Agency plc
    Baltic Mercur
    Climate Prof
    International Building Company "Souzinternational" (Moscow)
    Mercury Transport Company
    MST Petersburg
    Natur Product
    Rossevzapstroi (Moscow)
    Transnautik SPb Ltd.
    Rosstroiexpo (Moscow)
    Euro-Shipping and Forwarding
    NizhneAngarskTransStroi (Sverobaikalsk, Belgorod)
    St. Petersburg Oil Terminal
    Anti Company Ltd
    and others.
We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

General Manager Auditing Company "CONSULT" Ermilova T.V.

License 005635 according to the decision of the Central Licensing Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated April 19, 2000
office 12-N, Proff. Popova St., 27, St.Petersburg, 197022
tel./fax (812) 346-39-29

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