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Kiyev Board of Businessmen

Dear Colleagues!

Kiyev Board of Businessmen is a public association that was established to support the interests of entrepreneurial businesses, individual entrepreneurs and public entrepreneurs associations. We work in close cooperation with major and local authorities of The State Committee of Ukraine regarding regulations and policies for entrepreneurship, the realization of the Entrepreneurs Support State Program, the establishment of an objective evaluation of entrepreneurship development, preparation of offers to the local authorities, legislative and executive authorities for regulation of the normative and legislative base.
The experience of developed countries with stable legislation and government support of entrepreneurial development proves the necessity for large entrepreneur associations to analyze and improve the existing legislation and oppose any decline of legislation in support of entrepreneurships.
Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs believe that providing facilities for their activity is a government function.
Leaders, who independently achieved a certain social status are well aware of the most important business problems, and the economical and political situation that is necessary for domestic entrepreneurship.
As long as the initiative, partnership and intellectual faculties are applied, we get long-expected opportunity for civilized work!


The Chairman of the Coordinating Council                          U. Sribniy

Email: go www.rspp.su

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