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The Legal Aid Agency "Petrogradskaya"
The International Bar "Saint-Petersburg"
The Legal Aid Agency "Petrogradskaya" was established in March 1995.

The lawyers of the Legal Aid Agency "Petrogradskaya" are specialized in different fields of the Russian and local legislation.

Our lawyers have their practices at different enterprises, governmental and executive locations and law-enforcement locations.

The Legal Aid Agency provides legal service for civilians and legal entities in the field of civil, commercial, tax, customs, administrative, criminal, labour, housing, and family law.

The specialized group, including lawyers and audit specialists, supplies enterprises with such services as accounting and auditing support. The leader of the group is the Doctor of Economy, professor of St. Petersburg State University Economics and Finance Department.

The agency follows the common international standards and ethical legal profession norms in its activity supporting and developing the best traditions of St. Petersburg legal service.

The price list:
    Consult civilians - starts with 50 rubles
    Consult legal entities - starts with 100 rubles
    Complex legal service - starts with 3.000 rubles per month
    Single service - according to agreement with a client
The members of the association receive discounts.

The field, capacity, and amount of time needed are considered during the discussion with a client.


The manager of the Legal Aid Agency "Petrogradskaya"
Litkin Sergey Nikolaevich

Doctor of Economy, professor
Saltikova Galina Alexeevna

Contact us:

St. Petersburg, 197198, Russia
Zverinskaya St., 17-6,
Metro station "Sportivnaya" - 3 minutes to walk
Metro station "Gorkovskaya" - 3d stop toward ZOO
тел./факс 232-00-94
Email: go www.rspp.su

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