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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Byelarus
"The National Centre of Marketing and Market Prices"

Close Corporation "National Centre of Marketing and Market Prices" under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Byelorussia (Center) was created by Decree of the President of the Republic of Byelarus No 56 of 13.02.1995, Order of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Byelarus No 151 of 15.02.1996.

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Moiseychikov A.P., ambassador at large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RB
Director General -Trukhanovich A.A.

Principal aims and tasks f the Center:

The Center's purpose is offering complex information and analytical support of the process of preparing economically grounded managerial decisions by the government bodies and republican economical subjects of all forms of property at executing managerial, production, commercial and foreign economic activity in the interests of the economical subjects of the Republic of Byelarus and foreign countries.Also included are the state management structures like the Security Council of the RB, President Administration of the RB, Council of Ministers of the RB, State Control Committee.
The Center is created to solve the problems of information support in the sphere of foreign economical activity of local and foreign organizations and economical subjects of all types of property, conducting or interested in the organization of economical activity on the territory of the Republic of Byelarus.
According to the State program of information support of foreign policy and foreign economy, the Center is defined to be the head organization of collection and distribution of foreign economical information in the republic.

The following information products and services are available:
    Information and marketing studies, monitoring of Byelorussian and foreign commodity and service markets with the assistance of the institutions of the RB located abroad
    Information on prices of different groups of goods in the RB and world commodity markets
    Confirming contract prices at barter and making an economical study of the barter equivalence in conformity with Decree of the Council of Ministers of the RB No 405 of 24.03.1999
    RB foreign trade flow customs statistics (import/export in terms of cost and quantity according to the 9-character code of Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity
    Checking a company's business\financial position on the territory of Byelorussia and recovering debts of the RB economical subjects in Germany
    Reference materials, computer data bases, CDs containing commercial information on different spheres of foreign economic activity
    Software development for foreign economic activity (in particular, CD Business-catalogue "Republic of Byelarus 2000" and subsequent versions)
    Placement and submission of commercial information from Global Trade Point Network of which the National Center of Marketing and Market Prices is a member
    Promotion of Byelorussian products to the world markets
    Complex support of foreign enterprises at all stages of their activity in the market of Byelorussia (organization of business meetings in the ministries and departments of the RB, registration of a presentation or enterprise, information and marketing services etc.)
    Other information is available on individual request

    Available for our clients are also reference materials, methodical literature, computer data bases, optic CDs on:

    RB and RF legislation
    Off-board market of Byelorussia and Russia
    Review and general economical information both on Byelorussia and a series of foreign countries (regions), including CIS countries
    Current information on foreign-economical situation, statistical data on foreign trade of Byelorussia and CIS countries
    Major exporters/importers, significant trade deliveries, including from/to Byelorussia
    Existing investment projects, trade offers etc.

    Director General Trukhanovich A.A.

7 Masherov Ave.
220004, Minsk, Byelarus
tel./fax: +375 (17) 226 67 58 / 223 67 98

Email: ncm@ncm.minsk.by

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