"Slavonic Project"

"All-Russian Union of SME" together with "National Center of Marketing and Market Prices of Belarus Republic" and "Kiyev Board of Businessmen" invite you to take place in the joint Russian-Belarus-Ukrainian program of the economic integration of the sister Slavonic States "Slavonic Project".

According to the program a participant gets the priority right of:

  • Information on selected topics
    Marketing to identify potential consumers of the participants' products and services
    Spread of information and presentation materials with participants' products or services, and representation at specialized exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, and conferences
    Search for partners in different fields
    Develop recommendations for foreign-trade operations
    Legal support for the economic interests of entrepreneurs within a participants' territory
    Creation of joint commercial projects, project evaluations, and search for investments
    Accounting service
    Arbitrate work related problems
    Supply discounts on bargain insurance
    Supply with warehouse service
    Freightage support
    Place information on the Internet and at the site of Russian Entrepreneurs Union
    Organize negotiations
    Visa support
    Accommodation for participants and their partners who come for negotiation
    Supply with guides-interpreters

Participants' Obligations:

  • First deposition
    Monthly payment

Participants' Rights:

  • Receive information according to request
    Receive service according to agreement

email: go www.rspp.su


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